Pattaya Dolphin World Super Combo

Dolphin show+Horse Carriage+ATV+Thai Herb Juice

from MYR69 for 1 Pax

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Pattaya Dolphin World Super Combo


No 65-2, Jalan Damai Niaga 1, Alam Damai, Cheras

58200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

KKKP No. :  4872

MATTA Member No. :  MA2648

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  •  Duration: 1D

  •  Minimum Pax: 1

  •  Package Code: TPDC01

Travel Details:
  •  Destination: Chon Buri, Thailand

  •  Tour Start: Pattaya, Chon Buri, Thailand

Tour's Program

  • Grab your  Pattaya Dolphin World Super Combo Dolphin Show E-tickets today ! Skip the line and straight to the fun !
  • Dolphin World Show .
  • One time ride on Horse Carriage.
  • One ride on ATV.
  • One glass of Herb Juice.
  • Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort has become a Pattaya new attraction since 2011 features the fascinating dolphin shows and other outdoor activities such as rope jumps as well as other entertaining performance.

  • Dapatkan E Tiket untuk Pattaya Dolphin World Super Combo Dolphin Show ! Kunjungi tanpa berbaris panjang untuk membeli tiket sekarang !
  • Dolphin World Show .
  • Satu Kali menaiki Kereta Kuda.
  • Satu Kali menaiki ATV.
  • Satu gelas jus herba.
  • Pattaya Dolphin World & Resort telah menjadi satu tarikan baru Pattaya sejak 2011 dengan menampilkan pertunjukan ikan lumba-lumba yang menarik dan aktiviti luar yang lain seperti lompat tali serta persembahan menghiburkan yang lain.

Pattaya Dolphin World Super Combo (Dolphin show + Horse Carriage + ATV + Thai Herb Juice)

Show Hours:

09:00 AM, 11:00 AM, 13:00PM, 15:00PM and 17:00 PM
For exact operation hour, updated program schedules and maintenance in progress, please refer to the official website of Pattaya Dolphin World Show

Waktu Pertunjukan:

09:00 Pagi, 11:00 Pagi, 01:00 Petang, 03:00 Petang dan 05:00 Petang
Untuk waktu operasi yang tepat, jadual program yang terkini dan kerja-kerja penyelenggaraan, sila rujuk di laman web rasmi Pattaya Dolphin World Show

2 hour(s)

Pattaya Dolphin World Super Combo Dolphin show + Horse Carriage + ATV + Thai Herb Juice Admission Ticket

* QR-code on phone or printed voucher show it to the ticketing counter. Any lost ticket will be on own responsibilities and no replacement. 

‚Äč* Ticket issued are not being amended nor cancelled.

Tiket masuk ke Pattaya Dolphin World Super Combo Dolphin show + Horse Carriage + ATV + Thai Herb Juice sahaja.

* Kod QR atau baucer perlu dicetak dan dipamerkan kepada staf kaunter tiket. Sebarang kerosakan atau kehilangan tiket adalah tanggungjawab anda sendiri dan tiada penggantian tiket akan dihantar. 

* Penukaran dan pembatalan tiket adalah tidak benarkan.

Flight and accommodation arrangement, return transfer, guide services, meals, insurance, personal expenses, etc., 

Segala aturan air ticket dan penginapan, penghantaran dua hala, perkhidmatan pemandu pelancong, makanan, insurans, perbelanjaan peribadi. 

Terms & Conditions 

Please email VISITOR details as requested at below to salam.
1. Invoice Number:
2. Visitor full name as per passport. (One lead name only for adult / All children and senior citizen names:) 
3. IC/ID card number for lead person. 
4. No of travelers (no of adult, no of children and senior citizen with age based on month and year of born). 
5. 1 valid mobile contacts (one can be contacted via phone calls/one can be contacted via WhatsApp during your travel). 
6. Preferred gmail address for us to email you the E-Tickets. 
7. Date you leave your home countries to the places of visit. 
8. Date/Time you wish for the visit.

Redemption Terms and Conditions
1. E-Tickets required minimum 3 working days to process. (except Sat,Sun & Public Holiday).
2. Urgent Purchase shall resulted no guarantee of issuing on time for your visit.
3. Your E-Ticket/Voucher(s) will be issued 03 days before your departure in general, otherwise, will stated in product description.
4. Early release is upon request and it must be during non-peak season only.
5. Price and promotion change without prior notice.
6. Urgent Purchase : Please contact us before purchase to ensure the availabilities of delivering you the tickets.
7. Your purchase has no cancellation and no refund value as condition as below:-
(a) when you did not redeem within 14 days after purchase.
(b) when the validity of the ticket(s) purchased has expired.
(c) when the E-ticket(s) has been issued and you asked for an amendment that cannot be done.
(d) when the E-ticket(s) has been issued to you and you did not make it to visit to the attraction
(e) when the E-ticket(s) has been issued to you and you were late to the meeting point.